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Title: A plague o' both your houses!
Author/Artist: flying_embers
Rating: PG
Warnings: AU, crack
Prompt: I-64. Dino/Hibari - Romeo; "the simple planning of a minstrel's song"
Word count: 380

Romeo and Juliet... or not.Collapse )

[Fic] KHR/Hibari x Kusakabe

Title: Anyone
Author: flying_embers
Rating: G
Prompt: Hibari/Kusakabe - follow; "changing requirements"
Word Count: 141

Kusakabe reflectsCollapse )

[Fic] Bleach/ShuuKira

A small Shuuhei x Kira drabble~

Title: Clueless
Author: flying_embers
Rating: G
Pairing: Hiisagi Shuuhei x Kira Izuru
Word Count: 150
Disclaimer: Bleach is owned by the master, Kubo Tite.

Here under cutCollapse )

[Fic] Bleach/ShuuKira

Title: A Journey of One Thousand Miles Began with One Step
Author: flying_embers
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Hisagi Shuuhei, Kira Izuru (friendship-wise at this point)
Word Count: 1143
Disclaimer: Bleach and these crazy characters belong to the master, Kubo Tite. And I’m pretty sure the title is owned by someone too, but I can’t remember who right now.
Shuuhei cleaved tables and Kira lurked in the dark.Collapse )

[Fic] KHR/D18: Breathing In Tandem

Title: Breathing In Tandem
Author: flying_embers
Character/Pairing: Dino/Hibari, Romario
Word Count: 408
Rating: PG
Warning: Angst, character death
He comes like wind at night.Collapse )